Copper Tones … Belfountain, Ontario

Чудесные фотографии! Импрессионистические!

Eyes to Heart

Fall, or Autumn as some people prefer, is a time of year just too beautiful to ignore. Here in Ontario the scenery is resplendent with a final burst of varie-coloured glory that warms the heart as we head into the depths of winter’s icy embrace.

For the first time in two or three years I’m at home when the colours are at their brightest, most vivid, so naturally I’m out with my camera every day capturing the vitality of reds and oranges and yellows and mauves and greens that adorn the countryside and dazzle the eye.

The next few posts will highlight some of my favourite expressions of fall colour in this neck of the woods.

Today the focus is on the area in and around Belfountain in the beautiful Caledon region. Last Saturday we paid this lovely spot a short visit and, as you might imagine, I went to…

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